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What are the Marukyu products available?

marukyu fishing productsIf you have wanted to buy a Marukyu product, then you would have come across what appears to be a very strong range. However, what are they all used for and are they better than the competition? In this guide, we will look at all the products on offer from Marukyu in more detail.

EFG – Explosive Formula Groundbait

There are nine groundbaits from Marukyu, all of which have different qualities. The best thing about there being nine groundbaits is that you can chop and change the ones that you use. This means that the fish do not get too used to a specific groundbait.

Furthermore, as Marukyu is new to the UK market, few others are using this groundbait. What you will find with common bait is that fish become used to some baits, which means they become ineffective in certain areas. This is not a problem that you will have with Marukyu products.

The groundbaits from Marukyu are simple to use. There are full step by step mixing instructions on the back of every single bag. This bait is one of the fastest acting baits on the market, which is one of the reasons why it is so successful. Furthermore, a riddle is not needed, which means that no bait ever goes to waste.

Advanced Boilie Recipe

Once again, instead of just a single product, Marukyu has created seven boilie recipes, a range that they call ABR. Three of these are nori based, one kani, one ichigo, one shiso and one sanagi. Each of the seven boilies has different specialities, which means if you are thinking about using a particular one then you should understand the reason why each one has been produced. For example, Nori has been proven to be more effective for carp fishing.

Marukyu boilies are different to the others that are on the market. ‘Regular’ boilies contain maybe nine focal ingredients. However, Marukyu boilies are different, and they contain roughly 14 ingredients that have been specially formulated and fused to offer the best results.


There are two different types of pellets, hard and soft, that are on offer from Marukyu. Hard pellets come in a variety of sizes, while the soft pellets only come in two. All the pellets are retailed under the name SDP.

Hard Pellets – formed using the cold method, which has been proven to be more effective than any other method, hard pellets have a quick breakdown time and work effectively in the water. The hard pellets come in several different sizes and types but only two different flavours; ocean and marine.

Soft Pellets – are a mouldable pellet that has been designed for catching carp. One of the best things about this pellet is that they can be used from the packet. The two pellets on offer from this range are the 2210 and 2310, which are protein based and nori based respectively.

Angler Friendly Paste

Marukyu’s angler friendly paste is a gluten based paste that can be formed quickly using the simple step by step instructions on the back of the bag. One of the best features of this paste is that it expands when on the hook, so you do not need to put too much paste in order to cover it. Marukyu’s angler friendly paste comes in two forms AFP 300 and AFP310 both of which are easy to use. Therefore, this makes this ideal for those who have not used pastes before.

Special Formula Additives

The special formula additives have been designed to enhance all the other baits on offer from Marukyu. The additives have been formed so that they are nutritious, which makes it ideal to use in the winter months. Even though the fishing attractant works on all fish, the tests proved that carp, barbel, tench and bream are more affected than other fish. These additives have been put through a series of tests to ensure that the cast to catch success rate is higher than if you do not use it.


The above guide proves that Marukyu are clearly one of the leading manufacturers of fishing baits and attractants. This is the reason why they have brought their products over to the UK from Japan. Their attention to detail and proven results demonstrate their potential in an undeniable way.