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The Different Types Of Marukyu Boilies

The Different Types of Marukyu Boilies

Anybody that is familiar with the Marukyu range will be able to tell you that there is more than one boilie. This is because they have been specially formulated for certain fish so their results are even better. There are seven boilies in total using five different ingredients, and here we will explore a bit more about each of these products.

Marukyu ABR 1110 noriABR 1110,1115,1120 – Nori

These three different types of boilie all use Nori as their main ingredient. Available in three sizes, these baits have been specifically developed for the smaller cyprinids, including carp.

Marukyu Kani ABR 1215ABR 1215 Kani

With 13 ingredients that have been specially formulated to target larger cyprinids, kani is ideal if you want to take on bigger fish. Available in 15mm this boilie is perfect for experienced anglers because your chances of reeling in something large are increased.

Marukyu Ichigo ABR 1315ABR 1315 Ichigo

The ichigo bait is possibly the most extravagant boilie on offer from Marukyu. The strawberry and milk flavoured bait is perfect for offering something different, and tests have shown that various types of fish are attracted to the bait. This is ideal for those who are not focusing on a specific type of fish and want to have the best possible chance of catching everything in the swim.

Marukyu Shiso ABR 1415ABR1415 Shiso

This is one of the most diverse boilies on the market, and ideal for those overfished areas that have seen everything. Shiso is a mix of oriental fruit flavours that the fish would not have seen before.

Marukyu Sanagi ABR 1515ABR 1515 Sanagi

One of the best big fish baits, this bait is ideal for summer days because it has been formulated to work better in these temperatures. Furthermore, the mix of ingredients makes this a boilie that you need to use.


These different types of Marukyu boilies have been specifically released in the UK because Marukyu believes that they cover everything the UK has to offer. Before choosing one of these Marukyu boilies, make sure you have a good reason why you are selecting it.