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Why should you use Marukyu gluten pastes?

marukyu gluten paste

Marukyu gluten pastes are different to the majority of other pastes on the market. The most special feature of this paste is the gluten formula but why is this? In this guide, we will look at this paste in more detail.


Hooking paste on to a hook is easy, but doing it in the right way is not. The gluten in the paste makes hooking your paste on correctly much easier. To hook it on all you need to do is place the hook into the paste and mould the paste around it. Once you have done this try and pull the paste off, and what you will realise is that part of the paste stays attached to the hook. This is a vital part of the paste because it means that there is always a chance you will catch something.


Marukyu pastes are one of the easiest to form. In fact, many people can it ready in less than four minutes. This is a great trait to have because it means you can prepare the paste by the swim if you want. To form the paste all you need to do is:

  • Shake the bag
  • Take a small measuring cup (as required) and fill it with the paste
  • Take a small measuring cup (as required) of the same size and fill it with water
  • Mix the two together with your hands
  • Move it to one side of the bowl
  • Let it set for three minutes
  • Compress the paste to squeeze the air out of it.

Once you have done this you need to use a hook that is similar in size to the paste bait. The great thing about this paste is that you can make a small amount of paste so that you do not waste any, then if you need more it is only going to take another four minutes.

Active Gluten Fibres

Once the paste hits the water it releases visual attractants. This paste is one of the most active on the market, which means that it attracts more fish quicker than others.

Marukyu has decided to use gluten formulas because they stick to the hook much better than anything else. This is a huge benefit because it stops potential waste. The gluten fibres also make this a much more attractive paste to fish.


These are just a few of the reasons why the Marukyu gluten paste is one of the best that you can buy on the market. This fishing bait is particularly strong, and you do not need to use too much of it. Therefore, it is also cost-effective as well.

The Different Types Of Marukyu Boilies

The Different Types of Marukyu Boilies

Anybody that is familiar with the Marukyu range will be able to tell you that there is more than one boilie. This is because they have been specially formulated for certain fish so their results are even better. There are seven boilies in total using five different ingredients, and here we will explore a bit more about each of these products.

Marukyu ABR 1110 noriABR 1110,1115,1120 – Nori

These three different types of boilie all use Nori as their main ingredient. Available in three sizes, these baits have been specifically developed for the smaller cyprinids, including carp.

Marukyu Kani ABR 1215ABR 1215 Kani

With 13 ingredients that have been specially formulated to target larger cyprinids, kani is ideal if you want to take on bigger fish. Available in 15mm this boilie is perfect for experienced anglers because your chances of reeling in something large are increased.

Marukyu Ichigo ABR 1315ABR 1315 Ichigo

The ichigo bait is possibly the most extravagant boilie on offer from Marukyu. The strawberry and milk flavoured bait is perfect for offering something different, and tests have shown that various types of fish are attracted to the bait. This is ideal for those who are not focusing on a specific type of fish and want to have the best possible chance of catching everything in the swim.

Marukyu Shiso ABR 1415ABR1415 Shiso

This is one of the most diverse boilies on the market, and ideal for those overfished areas that have seen everything. Shiso is a mix of oriental fruit flavours that the fish would not have seen before.

Marukyu Sanagi ABR 1515ABR 1515 Sanagi

One of the best big fish baits, this bait is ideal for summer days because it has been formulated to work better in these temperatures. Furthermore, the mix of ingredients makes this a boilie that you need to use.


These different types of Marukyu boilies have been specifically released in the UK because Marukyu believes that they cover everything the UK has to offer. Before choosing one of these Marukyu boilies, make sure you have a good reason why you are selecting it.

What are the Marukyu products available?

marukyu fishing productsIf you have wanted to buy a Marukyu product, then you would have come across what appears to be a very strong range. However, what are they all used for and are they better than the competition? In this guide, we will look at all the products on offer from Marukyu in more detail.

EFG – Explosive Formula Groundbait

There are nine groundbaits from Marukyu, all of which have different qualities. The best thing about there being nine groundbaits is that you can chop and change the ones that you use. This means that the fish do not get too used to a specific groundbait.

Furthermore, as Marukyu is new to the UK market, few others are using this groundbait. What you will find with common bait is that fish become used to some baits, which means they become ineffective in certain areas. This is not a problem that you will have with Marukyu products.

The groundbaits from Marukyu are simple to use. There are full step by step mixing instructions on the back of every single bag. This bait is one of the fastest acting baits on the market, which is one of the reasons why it is so successful. Furthermore, a riddle is not needed, which means that no bait ever goes to waste.

Advanced Boilie Recipe

Once again, instead of just a single product, Marukyu has created seven boilie recipes, a range that they call ABR. Three of these are nori based, one kani, one ichigo, one shiso and one sanagi. Each of the seven boilies has different specialities, which means if you are thinking about using a particular one then you should understand the reason why each one has been produced. For example, Nori has been proven to be more effective for carp fishing.

Marukyu boilies are different to the others that are on the market. ‘Regular’ boilies contain maybe nine focal ingredients. However, Marukyu boilies are different, and they contain roughly 14 ingredients that have been specially formulated and fused to offer the best results.


There are two different types of pellets, hard and soft, that are on offer from Marukyu. Hard pellets come in a variety of sizes, while the soft pellets only come in two. All the pellets are retailed under the name SDP.

Hard Pellets – formed using the cold method, which has been proven to be more effective than any other method, hard pellets have a quick breakdown time and work effectively in the water. The hard pellets come in several different sizes and types but only two different flavours; ocean and marine.

Soft Pellets – are a mouldable pellet that has been designed for catching carp. One of the best things about this pellet is that they can be used from the packet. The two pellets on offer from this range are the 2210 and 2310, which are protein based and nori based respectively.

Angler Friendly Paste

Marukyu’s angler friendly paste is a gluten based paste that can be formed quickly using the simple step by step instructions on the back of the bag. One of the best features of this paste is that it expands when on the hook, so you do not need to put too much paste in order to cover it. Marukyu’s angler friendly paste comes in two forms AFP 300 and AFP310 both of which are easy to use. Therefore, this makes this ideal for those who have not used pastes before.

Special Formula Additives

The special formula additives have been designed to enhance all the other baits on offer from Marukyu. The additives have been formed so that they are nutritious, which makes it ideal to use in the winter months. Even though the fishing attractant works on all fish, the tests proved that carp, barbel, tench and bream are more affected than other fish. These additives have been put through a series of tests to ensure that the cast to catch success rate is higher than if you do not use it.


The above guide proves that Marukyu are clearly one of the leading manufacturers of fishing baits and attractants. This is the reason why they have brought their products over to the UK from Japan. Their attention to detail and proven results demonstrate their potential in an undeniable way. 

Marukyu hits the UK Market

marukyu logoMarukyu decided back in October 2009 to launch their very successful range of products over in the UK, releasing them to the public in 2010. Here, we will look a bit more into why Marukyu decided to hit the UK market from Japan.


Natural Expansion

After Marukyu baits proved so successful in the Japanese market and after saturating the market over there the natural thing to do is to expand into another country and the CEOs of Marukyu decided that it would be a good idea to bring their boilies, jpz jelly pellets, maggot krill additives and groundbaits to the home of fishing the UK.


Thought out Process

marukyu angler friendly pasteOf course, this was not an overnight decision. Company leaders in both Japan and the UK had been mulling this decision over for about five years, deciding that 2009 was the time to launch the product in the UK. The reason that 2009/2010 was chosen as the right time is because it was decided that Marukyu boilies and JPZ pellets had been developed to suit the UK carp bait market.





Even though the product has only been in the UK market for a few years, the impact it has made already is beyond anybodies expectations, and that is down to the true quality of the product. This has made Marukyu’s first ‘adventure’ outside Japan a success.



Market Reviews of the Marukyu Fishing Baits

marukyu boilies

Of course, it is all well and good to read reviews from the manufacture and the retailer of Marukyu baits but looking at what the consumer thinks in some ways is more important because they have firsthand experience and no bias towards the product they are using. Here, we will look at the general UK market reaction to Marukyu fishing baits.


Across all the fishing forums on the internet, you will see a positive reception for all different types of Marukyu fishing baits. Marukyu JPz jelly pellets seem to be getting the best reception with many people saying that they are being used in tournaments across the country by some of the most experienced anglers with great results.


Furthermore, another positive feature of the tablets in the market is that they have been scientifically proven. In the majority of cases, there will be a group of people quick to point out that this could be something that Marukyu has said to sell more products. However, it seems the consumer believes Marukyu when they say this mostly because they are the biggest bait company in the world the chances are that they do not need to make things up to sell products.


marukyu jpz jelly pellets

Another thing a lot of people have realised is that shops that stock Marukyu products sell out of it quickly, which is obviously a positive because it shows the confidence in the product is high. Also the boilies and additives are receiving good reviews on the forums. Many amateurs have been saying that they managed to catch their first 20lb carp with Marukyu boilies.



The proof is clearly there, all you need to do is search Marukyu fishing baits to see the reaction that they have had on the UK fishing market. With these positive reviews from experienced anglers, the sales figures of Marukyu fishing baits will continue to rise for years to come.